Understanding the Law of Polarity through QSCA

The Law of Polarity means that every subject (the thing) is actually two subjects. Our universe is literally made up of opposite forces — light and darkness; joy and sorrow; comfort and pain; abundance and lack, etc. all of these are examples of polarity. We will learn to change our negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings … Read More »

What Is Happiness Really Mean to You?

What is happiness?  For some, it means peace of mind, safety and security.  For others, it’s passion and adventure.  For media, it means the perfect body, the perfect job, and the perfect relationship.  With all these differing definitions about what happiness is, it’s certain that so many find it hard to achieve. In Quantum Success … Read More »

Discover the Love Channel through QSCA

We simply change the television/radio channel if we don’t like what is being broadcast. We’re not obligated to listen to something that makes us feel bad or awful or doesn’t interest or serve us. We have the choice to change the channel. This even applies to the energy that we send out and vibrate from … Read More »

It’s Possible for All

We are drawn to certain qualities in people in particular is not random.  That the qualities you admire in them are those you want to experience more of within yourself. For instance, you’ve wished you had your best friend’s fit body or you had your boss’s wealth and vitality. Our senses may tell us that the experiences … Read More »

Doubt- Your Adversary in Creative Process

It doesn’t matter how much you want something in your life, if there is a doubt clouding what you desire, it will not come to you. Without a doubt, doubts are destroyers—your adversary in the creative process.  It can destroy your dreams.  It can destroy a relationship. And certainly, it will hinder the Universe from … Read More »