Here’s a great thing being a deliberate creator.  When you are aiming for something, everything that has been blocking the next level for you will show up in the way you think and in the way you feel.  For instance, if you have a new desire to create something, from that birthing of an idea— there’s only the giver (the divine inside of you) that creates and gives you the idea.   This idea is implanted in you because you’re in the receiving mode of it. So you get this idea from spiritual bigger perspective and then the human perspective corresponds with it. So a desire is born.

And when that desire is born, there’s a gap in frequency between the person you want to be (to have and fulfill  that desire) and where you are. Through working with the law of attraction Christy Whitman helps and guides you to bridge that gap and be at the same frequency so that you can receive it. Your subconscious has nothing to do with how you manifest until it shows itself to you.  As long as you feel good celebrate it. You know you’re in abundance, you know you’re moving towards what you want.

However, if it feels bad that’s the time to do some inner work, change that thought, change that belief change that emotions. Through Christy Whitman coaching, we will learn to identify the negative beliefs that are blocking your abundance and teach you a quick and easy way to transform these beliefs into powerful affirmations to support your expansion.

You have the power as a deliberate creator to make internal shifts in the energy that you are sending out in any situation in order to attract experiences, people and situations that align with your desires. That is the law of deliberate creation.  We are energy towers always giving off energy and we have the power to choose the energy we give off by our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our perspective, what we say, what we think, what we do, all of it. You have the power to change anything you want and you have the power to manifest those desires.   Learn the art of having it all through QSCA Programs.