We are always in transition; some are very small and trivial while some are huge and dramatic. Some transitions arise moment to moment as we’re preparing ourselves mentally for the next encounter or for a new segment of our day. Other transitions are more dramatic and therefore longer lasting.  

Transitional periods are sometimes difficult to navigate because they are composed of two aspects. The first aspect of a transition is always having an awareness of that which we are in the process of outgrowing and the second aspect which is far more significant, but often ignored is the new situation that we’re in the process of growing into and the person that we’re being called to evolve into as well. But once we understand these two different aspects, we can more easily cooperate with this natural and ongoing process.

What makes periods of transition difficult or excruciating is when more of our attention is focused on what we’re leaving behind than on where we’re moving forward to. So how would you know what end of the spectrum you’re giving the lion’s share of your attention to?  Simple! When you’re primarily pointed towards the future, you feel good, you feel excited, you’re in the state of joyful anticipation for what’s to come. And when you’re more focused in the direction of what’s being in the past or in the confusion that’s currently happening in your present, you feel bad, you feel constricted, anxious, etc. QSCA Christy Whitman will help us understand that we always have the power to focus our attention and that how we focus our attention determines how hard or easy we will experience the transitional periods in our lives.  

You will discover lots of people in qsca program reviews who got in the coaching field because they could no longer ignore the feeling that they had outgrown their previous careers.  Some became unhappy because they felt limited in the amount of money/liberty they had to enjoy in the other aspects of their lives. Other people are quite satisfied in their current positions, but have this strong feeling that there’s something far greater to do and to give and to experience.  For these people coaching represents not just a career change, but also an avenue for greater self discovery and expansion.

It’s natural to feel some degree of anxiety when we’re stepping into the unknown, but more often the security we think we’re leaving behind was only an illusion to begin with.  Life simply continues to cause us to evolve. The more we live the more clear we become about what we really want to do with this precious time on earth and more importantly about who we want to be. So, if you are considering a career change and you are aspiring to be a Certified Quantum Success Coach, investing in quantum success coaching academy price is sensible.