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We Decide in the Energy that We Give Out

We all have our own lives.  We decide and we decide from what we think and feel. We get to decide if we’re going to think thoughts that are empowering or disempowering.  We get to decide what we want to do with our feelings. Do we want to numb out? Do we want to cut … Read More »

What Happens in our Brain When We Visualize the Future?

When you imagine of something you desire and you feel excitement, enthusiasm, or happy anticipation, it means that you are energetically aligned and therefore actively attracting to you whatever it is that you want. In other words, imagining (visualizing) a more positive outcome is actually magnetizing that outcome into your experience. Christy Whitman of Quantum … Read More »

It All Start with You!

Our emotions are far more powerful than our thoughts or words.  They are the strongest points of attractions and we receive back whatever we ask for through our vibration.  So if we don’t allow ourselves to feel our feelings, how can we possibly know what we are vibrating out to the universe?   Many of … Read More »

Comparison or Competition

In our hyper-connected society, we can’t help to compare ourselves to others, as if other people are doing or creating the very things we want to do.  We feel we’re left behind and there’s no room left for us at the top. When we value ourselves based on how someone else looks or how they’re … Read More »

Is Peace Uncomfortable?

Did you grow up in an environment that was dramatic or chaotic?  Do you find that you create some type of drama when things are going right or peaceful in your life? More often, people create dramas and problems all around them because they’re afraid if everything is peaceful and calm,  no one is going … Read More »

What is Your Essence?

Essence is the bottom line energy or feeling that you want to experience in your life. It is the key to magnetizing what you really DO want. Essence is the higher energy that we need to really bring in and vibrate in order to magnetize what we want.  When you tap into that essence and … Read More »

The Right and Left Side of our Brains

Do you ever find yourself thinking, analyzing and planning so much that you don’t take the essential step to do what it takes to manifest your goals and desires? Do you ever talk yourself out of a good idea, because you are thinking about all the bad things that may occur, or why the idea … Read More »

What Raises Your Vibration

What raises your vibration?  Or in other words, what makes you happy?  What are your top five things that make you happy?  So what do you do that makes you feel happy and feel joy?   Think of the top five things that you love to do—perhaps listening to your favorite music, getting a massage, … Read More »