In our hyper-connected society, we can’t help to compare ourselves to others, as if other people are doing or creating the very things we want to do.  We feel we’re left behind and there’s no room left for us at the top. When we value ourselves based on how someone else looks or how they’re accomplishing in their lives, when we have our emotions and self-esteem tied to this whole idea of comparison (competition), it’s detrimental in creating what we want. We will learn to release this feeling of comparison and change our thoughts to empowerment instead through Christy Whitman coaching.

Comparison is the thief of joy, says Marie Forleo in her article Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy, Profits and Prosperity.  Comparing yourself to others means you’re wasting your valuable time and energy instead of spending them on more productive and enjoyable things.

We live in an abundant universe where there is more than enough opportunity to go around for everyone.  However, the comparison impulse is really what’s crushing us. Comparison impulse is addictive and it’s fatal and it will destroy your happiness, your focus, it will destroy you, if you allow it. QSCA Christy Whitman will help us to discover the secrets to tapping into the unlimited abundance of the universe – and effortlessly attracting your heart’s deepest desires.

We may not realize it, but we actually ravage our every single day comparing ourselves to others.  Take a look at your habits.  Identify the particular behavior patterns that just trigger you and stop it.  We will learn to identify limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions that hinder our success and to tap into the abundant resources of the universe to magnetize and manifest our heart’s deepest desires through Christy Whitman life coach.

Instead of feeling the energy of comparison or competition which is coming from lack, consider others as someone you can collaborate with and be inspired by.  When you are coming from that perspective, it’s a very expanding energy instead of a very constricting energy.

That’s why in Quantum Success Show, Christy Whitman of QSCA will be collaborating with and will be interviewing Marie Forleo of Marie TV to give us inspirations, wisdom and insights to live a life of joy and success.  So don’t ever miss it!