We all have our own lives.  We decide and we decide from what we think and feel. We get to decide if we’re going to think thoughts that are empowering or disempowering.  We get to decide what we want to do with our feelings. Do we want to numb out? Do we want to cut someone off and run away so we don’t have to feel?  Do we want to really express our feelings? Do we want to be with ourselves enough to understand what our feelings are? We decide.

We also get to decide what experiences we want to have in our lives.  We can create. We can take a blank canvas and go paint what would be fun, pleasant and excited in your life.   You would like to go on a cruise. You would like to go live six months somewhere in a quiet place in nature. You would like to climb atop the highest mountain.  You’d like to build your dream house. You’d like to have a quantum life coaching certification and be a Certified Quantum Success Coach. We get to decide. We decide what we want to do in our lives and we make that decision.

We are adults. Nobody else is trying to control you, it’s us and we get to decide.  Nobody else over it, our parents are not over our shoulder anymore. We are now stepping in as deliberate creators in our life and we get to decide.  

You decide what feels good for you and what feels bad for you. You decide if you want to continue to have what feels bad for you.   You also decide when you shift those feelings and get into the essence of what you really want to feel in your life, how do you want to show up, what do you want to experience and why. You decide in the energy that you give out. You are deciding on what your future is going to look like every time you decide.

We will be enlightened by Christy Whitman coaching that we live in an energetically-based Universe, which means that the experiences and occurrences we magnetize are always an energetic “match” to our most dominant vibration.

Therefore, to learn more about the principles of the law of attraction and other universal laws, we invite you to join qsca coaching program and watch Quantum Success Show where you can get more information and inspiration to create your desires.  You decide!