We all have people in our lives that have a negative attitude.  Maybe they have a victim mentality, maybe they’re a little narcissistic where everything is always about them.  Maybe, you were used to be like them when you haven’t done any kind of personal growth until you join the Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program with qsca Christy Whitman, and you become aware that you need to change to make your life better.

How do you apply the universal laws when you have difficult family members?  Can you change them? What do you do? Can you just disconnect with them or how do you relate to them? That’s really a big question.  

Regardless where that person is coming from and what patterns and circumstances they have within them, the very first thing you have to do is to protect yourself and that’s where boundaries come in.  Boundaries is not about preventing or stopping somebody else to do something. Boundaries is about you and your inner self.

Let’s illustrate.

  1. For instance, you’re having a family sleepover and someone makes a rude comment about your house or a decoration in your house or the way you’re parenting or anything.  If someone makes a rude comment to you what normally happens is that we get provoked, we get this emotional reaction to them. So it’s hard to stay focused. Nevertheless, since we learn from qsca coaching program to connect always with our higher self, we become less reactive.  You don’t argue or agree with them. You don’t defend yourself. You don’t connect with it. You’re allowing, and that’s where the law of allowing comes in. It’s their opinion, it’s their perspective. You don’t have to change or do anything to appease this person or make that person happy, that’s their perspective; it’s not right or wrong.
  2. If you have other family members that are very much conditioned in being a victim and they always want to create some kind of drama.  Being surrounded with people who constantly create drama is very draining and exhausting. Some people run patterns that are really rooted from a wounded place and these people that are wounded sometimes want to wound others. That’s where they’re coming from.  So whenever you’re dealing with anybody that’s difficult to be around, you have to decipher for yourself how much time you want to be around that person. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, or you are offended by them. It’s just you need to protect yourself.

There are different levels of relationships that we have in our lives. So that’s up to you to create in your mind those boundaries of who you want to surround yourself with.  Be surrounded with people from QSCA who are just easy to be around, that you have the same kind of consciousness, you know you can trust  and you love spending time with.

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