We come into this world completely free from preconceptions or limiting beliefs.  As babies, we are trusting— we come in hardwired with the knowledge that the world is abundant and that we too are abundant. In our original state, we experience and express the full range of our human emotions without apprehension, restriction, or hesitation.

And as we grow, language breaks into our world, giving meaning and form to what was previously undefined and vague.  From our parents and other elders, we are given distinctions about the objects that exist around us. Then we are given distinctions about who we are and how we should behave.

Suddenly the world is no longer a natural extension of ourselves, but an outer reality that we must learn to manipulate in order to get our needs met.  The world now exists out there while we exist in here and the experience that we desire such as contentment, joy, love, and freedom are seen as derived from sources outside of ourselves.

To change the way we feel inside, we are taught to change the world around us.  This fallacy and thinking, this “outside in approach” to happiness sets us on a lifetime journey towards a destination that can never be reached.  When we are looking outside of ourselves for something that can only be generated from within, such as joy, love, freedom, we are coming from a lack mindset and nothing will never ever be enough to fill the emptiness. This outside in approach to happiness disconnects us from the real source of our creative power and takes us further away from the essence of how we want our lives to look and feel.  

We are literally made up of energy.  All energy generates an electromagnetic field that vibrates at a particular frequency.  This vibration can be felt even they can’t be seen.  Our own particular vibration is transmitted through the airwaves like radio signal and is registered by everyone and everything around us. We draw to ourselves energy that resonates at a similar frequency to our own.  The people, situations, and experiences that come into our lives are always a perfect vibrational match to the frequency that we are releasing through our actions, words, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. The universe responds to the vibrations we are sending out. All that we manifest and that we don’t manifest into our lives is governed by this process of attraction. So to learn more about law of attraction, come and join Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program with Christy Whitman.

Manifestation is not creating from the “outside in” as many of us were taught.  It‘s not the experience, the people, the things, that we desire that brings us the joy.  But, it’s the joy that brings us the experiences, the people and the things that we desire.  It’s inside out approachThe Art of Having it All with Christy Whitman.

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