Our emotions are far more powerful than our thoughts or words.  They are the strongest points of attractions and we receive back whatever we ask for through our vibration.  So if we don’t allow ourselves to feel our feelings, how can we possibly know what we are vibrating out to the universe?  

Many of us are disconnected from our emotions just to survive.  We attempt to not feel what was really going on inside of us.  To feel them would be to risk something completely. It would be totally overwhelming or it would be terrifying. And of course the longer we’ve been cut off from our emotions the more terrifying it can be to face the prospect of actually feeling ourselves again.  Learn to connect deeply with your emotions and be guided by the wisdom they hold through Christy Whitman life coach.

Since we live in a universe where the vibration that we send out builds energetic relationship between ourselves and what we want, it is truly crucial that we get real and honest with ourselves about the vibrations that we’re truly giving out.  In other words, we have to allow ourselves to feel, to feel the full range of our emotions. We will discover in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman that allowing the full range of our emotions is tantamount to allowing all of ourselves and stepping into the fullness of who we are.

The law of attraction does not discriminate. It magnetizes to us of more of whatever vibration we are already releasing consciously or unconsciously.  The ability to feel our emotions is the launching point for being able to feel and work with energy.  During Life Coach Training with QSCA, we will develop the ability to work with energy which is the key to magnetizing all that we want to manifest in our lives.  

Nothing can happen until you start paying attention to you.  By paying attention to your emotions and interpreting their vibrational content you can both discover the frequency you are sending out and you can change the frequency.  By aligning the vibration of your dominant emotions with the essence of what you desire you not only magnetize the outer results you want, but more importantly, you also open yourself up to receive the inner fulfillment that comes from creating them.  

It all starts with a signal that you’re sending out.  It all starts with you. Shifting the internal energy that you are bringing into any situation is the key to becoming a powerful creator in every situation.  The inner creates the outer.