What raises your vibration?  Or in other words, what makes you happy?  What are your top five things that make you happy?  So what do you do that makes you feel happy and feel joy?  

Think of the top five things that you love to do—perhaps listening to your favorite music, getting a massage, playing with your kids, reading a book, taking a trip, exercising, etc.   As you think of these things, really reflect on what stops you from doing these things more in your life.  Maybe it is something inside; maybe it’s the way you feel. Or maybe it is something outside, or maybe the lack of money or anything under the sun. We will learn through Life Coach Training with QSCA that we can tune in and express happiness at any moment in time. Just by focusing on what makes you happy, it actually raises your vibration.

We are really wired to feel the feelings of being happy.  It is how we created, but many of us have learned to tune into and express many other emotions instead of happiness. Through Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program with the assistance of qsca certified coaches, we will learn to connect with our higher self, with our Divine Self, and we will understand that happiness is within us.  Further, we will learn the art of self-love, which is the easiest way to be in a high vibration.

The more you practice being happy and doing the things that make you happy; you’ll experience more that in your life.  Think about those things that make you happy and by just thinking of them you raises your vibration.  Take a declarative statement that, “I am happy “and then imagine what that feels like in all aspects of your life with your body, with your finances, with your career, with your relationships.  And then do those things that make you feel happy. 

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