The Law of Polarity means that every subject (the thing) is actually two subjects. Our universe is literally made up of opposite forces — light and darkness; joy and sorrow; comfort and pain; abundance and lack, etc. all of these are examples of polarity. We will learn to change our negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings by deliberately raising our vibration through QSCA.

Polarity is innate to our experience of life.  It’s universal.  Understanding the Law of Polarity is the secret to start getting more of what you do want and stop getting what you don’t want. The Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program will help us clearly understand this theory in order to magnetize and manifest what we really Do want.

With the Law of Polarity, there’s a metaphysical and a physical part of us.  That every subject—money, career, your body, your relationship with your partner, whatever it is, there is always the subject (the thing), then there’s always a spectrum on one end and the other end.

Whenever we think about anything that we want – whether it’s money, success, intimacy, fun, fulfillment – we are focused either on its presence, or on its absence. When we focus on its presence, we draw to ourselves the things we desire. When we focus on its absence, we attract more lack. A Certified Quantum Success Coach can help us get really clear on what we want to create and help us focus our intention on those things.

Through qsca coaching program with qsca Christy Whitman and other qsca certified coaches, we will learn to connect with our Divine Self to ensure that the energetic vibration that we are sending out is in alignment, and then take the action.  We will learn to focus our attention on the abundance, on the success, on the freedom, on the love, so the Universe will send us back of the same.  As you connect with the Divine Self, and as you work in this way, you can manifest what you want more quickly.

The more we learn the Law of Polarity and other universal laws through Life Coach Training with QSCA, the more we learn to create from our Divine Self to manifest more quickly and easily.