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The Right and Left Side of our Brains

Do you ever find yourself thinking, analyzing and planning so much that you don’t take the essential step to do what it takes to manifest your goals and desires? Do you ever talk yourself out of a good idea, because you are thinking about all the bad things that may occur, or why the idea … Read More »

Learn to Pray When Working with Universal Laws through QSCA

Prayer is a very sacred thing and it’s really an intention.  And when you pray, it’s really important to pay attention to the energy that you’re asking for a prayer.  Take note that the universe is always supporting us, and we ask through the vibration that we send out from our energy.   What you send … Read More »

Understanding the Law of Polarity through QSCA

The Law of Polarity means that every subject (the thing) is actually two subjects. Our universe is literally made up of opposite forces — light and darkness; joy and sorrow; comfort and pain; abundance and lack, etc. all of these are examples of polarity. We will learn to change our negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings … Read More »