Do you ever find yourself thinking, analyzing and planning so much that you don’t take the essential step to do what it takes to manifest your goals and desires? Do you ever talk yourself out of a good idea, because you are thinking about all the bad things that may occur, or why the idea won’t work?

Many times when we are really analyzing and thinking it’s because we are not using the left side of our brains—this part of our brains that really analyzes things.  It balances our checkbooks, it does the calculation, it plans, and it creates goals, really creates and follows strategies or allows us to.  It’s extremely useful in our daily lives.  In Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program with the assistance of qsca certified coaches, we will learn to get really clear on what we want to achieve and help us focus our intention on those things.

Some of our greatest strengths can actually end up being the very thing that can cripple us or stop us when creating what we really want because we don’t have that certain balance.  During Life Coach Training with QSCA and qsca Christy Whitman, we will learn to balance them instead of being extreme with them so we can be a deliberate creator.

So the balance of being in the left brain is also bringing in the right brain and utilizing that part of our body.  The right side of the brain will be the part that actually gives you inspired thought. It’s the part that can really be the creative part.  It can actually manifest what we think about.  The right brain allows us the connection to the divine part of ourselves.  The left brain keeps us fully focused in our minds and with our thoughts. It is the left brain that comes in and says well, how can that work?  

The left brain is the connection to our physicality whereas the right brain is the connection to our spirituality.  The way to balance both sides of the brain is learning how to train and work with both sides.  QSCA Christy Whitman will guide us to cultivate more time with the right side of the brain—to connect deeply with our Divine Self through meditation, and become a deliberate creator.  

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