What is happiness?  For some, it means peace of mind, safety and security.  For others, it’s passion and adventure.  For media, it means the perfect body, the perfect job, and the perfect relationship.  With all these differing definitions about what happiness is, it’s certain that so many find it hard to achieve. In Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program, we will discover that genuine happiness is within us.

There is a deeper ground that happiness can feel so vague and momentary, and this is because we’ve been taught to define it as a single emotion – as a feeling of achievement, of triumph, of excitement, leisure, etc.  But no single emotion can seize the experience we call happiness, for the simple reason that “happiness” is not an emotion at all.  The experience we call happiness occurs when the energy of our thoughts, emotions, ideas and beliefs flow through us unbounded, free, and unencumbered by resistance.

Choosing happiness has literally nothing to do with seeking out experiences that offer a momentary feel-good or striving to accomplish a certain goal. It’s instead a purely energetic shift that we affect within the matrix of our own mind-body system. It’s the act of consciously increasing our vibration so that our energy field moves at a speed that is higher, faster, and unconstrained. A Certified Quantum Success Coach can help us in this process.

Whether we experience happiness as a feeling of excitement, an experience of serenity, or anything in between, one thing is common to all—happiness is achieved when we are in a state of Allowing. We will learn to discover through QSCA that allowing is our natural state.  Further, QSCA Christy Whitman will help us understand the theory of “Allowing Meter” and how to reset it to connect and commune with the boundless energy and inspiration of the universe.  

Happiness is a state of being that is accessible anywhere, anytime, and in any situation.  To access it, all you have to do is gradually increase the frequency of your own energy field.  Rather than focusing on experiencing happiness as a particular emotion, focus on simply liberating the energy of your own thoughts and feelings and we will learn this process through Life Coach Training with QSCA.

When the energy of our thoughts, feelings and desires is in alignment, we register this experience as one of being “happy.” Happiness is our natural state!