We often identify ourselves with our jobs/career, with our relationships, with our money, with our successes or failures, etc., we think we are the roles we play, because we are conditioned that way.  We are both physical being and who we have become in this planet, but we are so much more than that. We are infinite, wise, divine being.

We are both metaphysical and physical.  So the physical part of us, the version of who you are in this physical body (the finite) in this time and space.  But, within you is a greater being; your Divine self.  That’s where within you all inspiration and creativity comes from; all power comes from, the joy, the passion, the purpose, all of that can be manifested when we are aligned as an inner part of us. During qsca coaching program, you will learn to recognize who you are as your Divine Self, with the power, will, wisdom, love, illumination, and inspiration, and QSCA Christy Whitman and other qsca certified coaches can help us connect deeply with our inner being and empower us to become a deliberate creator.

If you can start focusing  your intention on the Divine self, the divine within you that is connected to God/goddess/all that is, you will then recognize your power and then you will feel that constant connection and then your action with that part of you.  This is the part that knows no limits or boundaries. This is the part of you that knows there is absolute potential for anything in the universe.  This is the part of you that is always connected with complete and absolute abundance. In Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program, we will learn to tap into the unlimited abundance of the Universe by learning the theories and applications of the Law of Attraction and other Universal laws.

If your physical body and metaphysical are in alignment, your power to create in this lifetime becomes so much greater.  Remember that the universe is always supporting you in what you ask for.  You ask by the vibration that you offer, by your beliefs, your thoughts, how you feel, what you say and what you do. Life Coach Training with QSCA will help us recognize who we really are, connect and work in alignment with our Divine Self to manifest what we want more quickly and easily.