In the same manner that a thermostat controls the temperatures in our homes, the combined vibration we produce through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words and actions creates a very specific range of experiences that we allow to receive. The set point of our Allowing Meter determines the quality of experiences we attract. This internal mechanism will be fully explained in qsca coaching program.

Here are three steps to reset your Allowing Meter in any facet of your life where you are feeling trapped, where you have a constant complaint, or where you are not always getting results that you want.

  1. Look for clarity in contrast.

We experience contrast, when there’s a conflict between our internal desires and our external reality.  This conflict generates a point of tension that we register in our bodies and minds as a feeling of unhappiness, frustration, anxiety and a lot of other negative emotions. As you feel this point of tension, a Certified Quantum Success Coach can enlighten you that its intention is to help you to identify with greater clarity what it’s you really want in this situation. Your resistance begins to soften as you shift your focus away from what you don’t want and begin to focus on what you DO want.

  1. Align with the essence of your desire.

To discover the inner feelings motivating your desire for external things, you need to answer this question, “Why do I want it? “.  For instance, why do you want more money? What is the feeling state you believe you’ll achieve in having it? It might be a feeling of success, worthiness, empowerment, and liberty.  This feeling is the essence of your desire. Through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, you will learn the formula to align with this feeling.  The more you can align yourself emotionally and energetically with this feeling, the more receptive you become to the outcomes you want to create.

  1. Take inspired action.

Be open to receive inspiration in the form of new thoughts, ideas, and actions that you can take to increase its momentum as you keep on focusing on the energy of this essence feeling. Christy Whitman life coach will teach you more options for elevating your vibration and through Christy Whitman coaching you will be surprised that these opportunities are just all around you.