Maybe you’re not always feeling sorry for yourself, but if you ever hear yourself say, “Why is the thing I desire most is not happening to me? Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I’m not deserving.” If you find yourself in a state of being powerless, those limiting beliefs are stemming from the idea of self pity. Nevertheless, Christy Whitman life coach will teach us to master self-love (loving and accepting yourself as you are right now) that defies self pity.

Self-pity covers a lot of things; it’s an emotion, a behavior, and literally a habit. This thing called self-pity is a learned behavior, something that we may have learned from our parents.  Thus, it’s crucial to learn to connect deeply with your emotions and be guided by the wisdom they hold.  We will learn to practice mindfulness and meditation through Christy Whitman coaching.

From a human perspective we’re all in a space of being powerless regardless of our family background, but from a spiritual perspective, we’re all powerful. At the time that we’re growing up, as a child, we’re in a space of powerlessness. We depend on our parents for everything. And if they’re not providing us the kind of love or attention that we need, more often we indulge in self-pity to sedate and calm ourselves. Through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, we will understand the Universal Laws that will empower us and become a deliberate creator.

Self-pity is literally an addiction where you continue to feel sorry for yourself, it’s a habit forming because it makes you feel better; it’s the initial and ultimate addiction. It comes before cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, overspending, overeating, or any addiction that you feel sedated. It makes us not have to really own our feelings and really be present with our feelings. It makes us not take responsibility for our lives and really step into our full power. Through Life Coach Training with QSCA, we will be trained to connect deeply with ourselves to determine how we are doing and what we feel.

When you are in that place of feeling powerless, that’s when you’re in a space of self-pity. So at times you feel seem powerless and you’re not creating what you want, seek the guidance of a Certified Quantum Success Coach to gain more clarity and greater momentum to create what you DO want.