It doesn’t matter how much you want something in your life, if there is a doubt clouding what you desire, it will not come to you. Without a doubt, doubts are destroyers—your adversary in the creative process.  It can destroy your dreams.  It can destroy a relationship. And certainly, it will hinder the Universe from bringing to you what you desire.

Therefore, what is doubt? Doubt is the exact opposite of trust and faith. Doubts are based on false beliefs. Doubts are generally followed by a very limiting belief. Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman will teach us to identify negative and limiting beliefs that weaken or destroy our manifesting power. And what is a belief? A belief is a thought that has been contemplated over and over until it became a belief.

So, even if you have an intense desire, but you have doubts, then it will not manifest. Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program will guide us to shift negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones– this powerful shift empowers you to create whatever you want.

For instance, you really have an intense desire to have a special someone in your life. But why don’t you attract your ideal partner in your life? Your doubt is the cause! You think that you are too old, too fat, too poor, and the list goes on and on. Or, you feel you are not good enough to attract someone like the person you desire to have in your life. You feel that it can’t possibly happen to you even though it happens to others. You see, it’s your false beliefs that are producing this doubt. QSCA Christy Whitman will guide you discover the secrets of manifesting your ideal partner by changing your energy.

When you start to doubt, you start to feel insecure, you feel inadequate, and your dreams fall apart.  Nevertheless, the good news is, just like thoughts, doubts can be changed. QSCA certified coaches will guide us to develop more empowering beliefs that will help us release our doubts.

Rationalize with your thoughts and limiting beliefs and you’ll see they are not based in reality, especially in a Universe where all things are possible (only believe without a doubt). Universal principles will be explained in QSCA Coaching Program with Christy Whitman life coach.