So one day you become aware that the career path you’ve been patiently trudging is leading to the wrong proverbial way, that you have to make a career change to achieve your creative, professional, financial or personal goals.

The moment you become aware of a new desire, two things arise simultaneously (a Certified Quantum Success Coach can help us fully understand these).

  1. It allows us to see and feel with greater clarity exactly what it is we want.
  2. It increases our consciousness of the fact that – in the present moment at least – what we want is not yet a part of our experience. In other words, desire brings contrast.

Contrast brings our awareness to a space between an inner desire and our present outer reality, and this gap generates pressure points such as unhappiness, misery, dissatisfaction, impatience and a lot of other negative emotions.   Nevertheless, pressure creates a new intention. QSCA Christy Whitman will guide us to “bridge the gap” between the person you want to be in the future and the person you are today.

The moment we identify a new desire, a powerful message is sent out at once through every fiber of our being and declared to the universe, “I want something new! I want something more!!” Through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, we will learn and understand the Law of Attraction and other Universal Principles that relate to magnetizing and manifesting want we really want.

Our choice in the matter depends on how we relate to the contrast that is created when we become aware of a new desire. We can choose to feel tortured by the fact that we are miserable in our present job, or we can use our misery as confirmation that we are all set for something greater and bigger. We will learn and understand the function of contrast, and how-to use undesired circumstances and experiences to clarify and attain exactly what you DO want through Christy Whitman coaching.