We live in a world that consists of both physical and metaphysical beings, so it is necessary to balance them to make your dreams come true.  In Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA), we will learn and understand how to connect deeply with our inner being to have greater clarity and empower us to become a deliberate creator.

In metaphysical being, the energetic work needs to be done.  Nevertheless, you cannot just sit and wait, meditate or imagine until your dreams become a reality. That is only one part of the equation. Working with your vibration in alignment with the desires that you seek is an essential part, because it summons the energy of the Universe to assist you achieve what you desire.  It is really the vibration (inspiration) you are sending out that determines your success.  Through Christy Whitman coaching, you will be trained to connect with your inner being and send out vibration that will help you access the unlimited resources available for you.

In the physical aspect, the second part of the equation is actionable steps to get things done.  You have to plan and work in the physical world as well.  You need to have not only a desire, but you need to have a goal at the same time. Ensure that you have a specific and measurable goal to achieve your desire. A Certified Quantum Success Coach can give you an impartial perspective and opinion, which gives you greater access to your own resources and insights.

For instance, if you want to create your ideal body, be specific. You need a plan to move towards your goal and actionable steps to achieve it. Define what your ideal body should be – it should be a personal vision and not defined by any one else, but YOU.  Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman will help you tune into how your ideal body feels, so manifesting it becomes easy. Furthermore, through Christy Whitman coaching, you will find out what’s hindering you from creating your ideal body – so you can consciously change it.

When you summon the energy and power of the Universe and work with The Law of Attraction, you can achieve your dreams a lot easier.  “When you can balance both the inspiration in the metaphysical and the action in the physical that is when your dreams become a reality!”