Giving is a universal principle that generates awesome feelings.  Think of someone you can give something to if you feel you are lacking of abundance in your life.  Make sure to do it, and you will find the universe will give to you as well. The secret of receiving is by giving.  In Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, you will deeply understand the Universal principles that relate to abundant life.

Giving to others (that also includes giving to yourself) who are grateful and can use your gifts can bring you some of the most awesome feelings and emotions in the world. Christy Whitman life coach will help you connect deeply with your emotions and be guided by the wisdom they hold.

  • Giving makes you feel prosperous.
  • Giving makes you feel strong.
  • Giving affirms your abundance.  

Learning to give to yourself is essential in preserving the river of abundance. If you cannot give to yourself while always giving to others, you may begin to experience lack, or you may feel exhausted from your work and lose your passion for what you are doing.  In (QSCA) Quantum Success Coaching Academy, you will learn to be responsible for your personal and professional growth to be able to serve other much better.

You have to spend ample time and energy for yourself to feel nurtured and renewed.

  • That could mean allowing yourself to rest during the day.
  • It could mean giving yourself time for a massage or something that pampers you.
  • It could mean allowing yourself to say “no” because you don’t want to go out and want to stay home to read books or  practice mindfulness and meditation. Christy Whitman life coach offers tips and techniques to get the generous benefits of these practices.

Give something to yourself today and allow yourself to receive your own generosity by joining the Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman to learn and to recognize the negative beliefs that are limiting your abundance.  You will start to feel comfortable with receiving, and that is a key to abundance.  

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