Negative thinking is devastating and we can’t afford to live in misery. Hence, we must overcome negative thoughts by consciously redirecting our focus on positive things.  We get better results when a stressful situation is handled with positive thinking than with negativity. Life Coach Training with QSCA is one of the best coaches in town to teach us the art of positive thinking.

Viktor Frankl, a 20th-century Austrian psychiatrist and the author of the famous book Man’s Search for Meaning was among the first to point out that the ability to choose our response is the one freedom that cannot be taken away from us.  He says, “Between stimulus and response there is a space, in that space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

We’ve learned that the negative emotions induced by our negative thinking is the real culprit of the most psychological damage.  

But many of us are just one stressful situation away from negative thoughts rushing in to fill that gap. The QSCA coaching program will help us redirect our negative thoughts to prevent negative emotions filling that gap.

Practices like mindfulness and meditation can help us expand the space between stimulus and response.  Christy Whitman life coach offers tips and techniques to get the full benefit of these practices. You can go to QSCA coaching reviews to discover people who have benefited from the QSCA coaching program.

Our emotions are just like a sound waves.  Sounds travel at a certain speed as each of them vibrates at a particular frequency. The less resistance a sound wave encounters as it travels through time and space, the faster it will travel and the higher its frequency will be. Whereas the more resistance it encounters, the slower it will move at a lower frequency. This concept holds true in the inner realm of our emotions and Christy Whitman life coach, can help us fully understand the inner realm of our emotions.  

Here are three simple steps to help you become a naturally happier person and less reactive to the world around you. Life Coach Training with QSCA will discuss each of these.

  1. Recognize. Be sensitive enough to recognize the direction of your thoughts.  At the very first sign that your emotions have started to take a negative turn, you have the power to make a different choice.
  2. Take responsibility. Regardless of what triggered your negative reaction, you are the only one who is responsible to heighten or to diminish the negativity.
  3. Redirect. Deliberately choose to focus your attention on something that constantly brings you joy and gratitude to stop negative emotions take over.

Most people are prisoners of their thoughts, but you can control your thoughts which means you can control your results. Christy Whitman life coach will help you discover how to spot and correct the negative thinking that is sabotaging your genuine happiness.