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“Anytime we find ourselves in challenging situations, we are called to make a fundamental choice: We can choose to focus on our dreams or allow ourselves to become immobilized by self-doubt. The Art of Having It All provides the tools needed to use everything for moving powerfully in the direction of your dreams.”

Marcia Wieder is CEO of Dream University and founder of The Meaning Institute. She’s known as America’s Dream Coach and is a best-selling author whose work has been featured often on Oprah and The Today Show. She serves on the board of the Make A Wish Foundation.

Marcia Wieder


Christy is able to share with passion how you can bring inner and outer action steps together to change your quality of life. She gives you the insights and the information how to find the balance between intention and results. This work will bring you more power and acceptance that you can Have it All.

Marie Diamond is a Global Transformational Leader, Speaker, Teacher, Feng Shui Master and Author, whose work was featured in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret” and the International Best sellers “Transform your life”, and “The Energy Number Book”. She is President of the European Association of Transformational Leaders, Marie’s extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui energy have helped thousands of people transform their environments and their lives.

Marie Diamond


“Imagine having more, maybe even really having it ‘all,’ that is the capacity you are about to discover in this amazing new book. Now, that may seem impossible even unrealistic, but what you are about to receive in this little gem shows you the clear steps to achieve abundance, peace, success, fulfillment. To receive all that it means to be a self actualized human, with more than you could ever have previously imagined receiving. Get this book right now… that is your first step.”

Jennifer McLean, CEO, McLean Masterworks & Host, Healing With The Masters


“The timing of meeting Christy and reading her work – particularly this book – could not have been
more perfect, because Christy describes in language that is both universal and deeply practical,
many of the same insights that I have come to know and recognize about my own life.”

Anna Trebunskaya From Dancing With The Stars