I Want To Have It All Too!

E.G. Daily

E.G. Daily, recently featured on the hit show The Voice, is a cult 80's actress and pop singer who has entertained children and adults around the world with her performances in the films Rugrats and Rugrats In Paris and on the Emmy award-wining television series Rugrats and more.

E.G. Daily is most recognized for her VOICE and recently featured on the hit show The Voice, but could be equally recognized for her beautiful face as a cult 80's actress and pop singer, but what folks don't know about this multimillion dollar VOICE is the story behind how she lost and reclaimed her inner most VOICE.

E.G. Daily entertained children and adults around the world with her awe inspiring Tommy Pickles in both animated feature films Rugrats and Rugrats In Paris where she continues the role on the Emmy award-wining television series Rugrats. Rugrats completed 14 years as Nickelodeon's top-rated series. A VOICE she created with her best friend as a little girl, and they would play back and forth with each other for years to come. She can also be heard as the voice of Babe in the live-action feature Babe II: Pig in the City, and as Buttercup in the Popular series THE Power Puff girls and the upcoming movie of the same show. E.G. Daily continues to do voices for many other current animated series including Curious George, Pound Puppies, and Avengers as the voice of Mockingbird. She is known for the Theme Song from Two and a Half Men (the “boy’s” voice) and also recently appeared in Happy Feet 2 (one of the penguins).

She giggles with a killer almost siren like laugh when she is recognized for her 80's screen following including favorites like Valley Girl, Streets of Fire, Lover Boy, Dogfight, and most notably Pee Wee's Girlfriend in the Blockbuster Hit Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

But The Pee Wee Herman scandal didn't come near E.G. Daily's remarkable chart topping career, as she went on to record a Number One Dance Hit with Madonna's Chart Topping Producer, John "JellyBean" Benitez called, "Say It, Say It!" which had her touring the world as a pop artist.

It was however, her own relationship scandals that caused her inner VOICE to sink away. While building on a career with ambition, extreme talent, and a little fairy dust of luck, E.G.'s personal life was wrought with domestic violence and abusive relationships which lead to the pushing down her inner voice which manifested itself as anorexic ."If you push it down its gonna’ come out sideways ...in the form of some kind of self-abuse . It was something I could control ...If could keep myself small or invisible I'd be ok ...I thought

"I was pinned up against the refrigerator by a boyfriend who threatened to cut my throat open," as she was on her way to sing at a Memorial Service for the Families of the Victims of 9/11 in which Hillary Clinton was doing the Eulogy, "this was insane, but not a situation that is completely unique to successful women as I've come to learn," says E.G. Daily who has committed herself to helping other young girls and women recover from domestic abuse and the loss of their ability to listen to their own inner voice.

Known by family and friends as Elizabeth Guttman, E.G. continued to star in more than 30 feature films as well as TV, including Rob Zombie's "Devils Rejects." Many television shows including Friends, where she plays Phoebes X-song writing friend in the Smelly Cat episode.

She appeared in National Lampoons "Pledge This" playing the role of Kathryn Johnson (Paris Hilton's mother) "which was ironic, as Paris was a friend until the sex tape of her with my ex-husband leaked, nearly trumping the sex scandal tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee." Which was just one of the humiliating scandals that E.G. road out. In a double irony, E.G.'s ex-husband later eloped and annulled his marriage to Pamela Anderson. That marriage came after the one to scandalous Vegas elopement with 90210's Shannon Doherty. "All of the sudden, Shannon was now step mother to my two daughters. It didn't last long , but wow! it was loaded with drama," E.G. says.

E.G. Daily shared the irony of her professional life with the contrast of the dichotomy of her personal life in a critically acclaimed Theater production called “Listen Closely” an Autobiographical musical where she poignantly and humorously, in her many VOICES, shows us the way she found her way back to her inner VOICE again.

Her greatest recognizable talent has come from her songwriting and performances for many feature soundtracks, including "Rug Rats go Wild" Thief of Hearts, Scarface, The Breakfast Club, Summer School and Better Off Dead, Babe 2 ,My Sisters Keeper and Yellow. Her collaborations include many well-known producers, such as Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey, Stock Aitken, Waterman, Jelly Bean Benitez and Harold Faltermeyer, as well as, Academy award winner, Aaron Zigman. In addition, she worked with producer Bob Ezrin on the song, Heart That's True for the Babe, Pig in the City soundtrack. E.., lends her voice to singing on the soundtrack in the feature film Happy Feet and the upcoming sequel of the Academy Award winning Animated Feature film Happy Feet 2/3D where she worked alongside Robin Williams, Elijah Woods and Pink.

She just finished shooting "Yellow" for feature film director Nick Cassevetes and is letting her roots grow out for a seedy guest star spot on the television series, The Mentalist.

"I'm a work in progress and have learned from my experiences, but as long as I can speak my truth in an honoring way to myself and a way that doesn't diminish others," I will be on my way! www.egdaily.com

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