I Want To Have It All Too!

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Known as The Torch of Transformation, Amethyst Wyldfyre is a multi-dimensional Visionary Healer, Artist, Author & Performer.

Her mission and purpose is to serve as a catalyst for personal, professional and planetary change, healing, evolution and growth. A Healer of Healers, Mentors and Messengers, she is an Energetic Initiator & Catalyst creating sacred space and assisting highly visible and influential Visionary Entrepreneurs, Performers, Coaches, Artists and Healing Practitioners to permanently dissolve hidden energetic blocks, patterns and barriers that are preventing them from living out their fullest potential and highest path of destiny. Once these blocks are released she further facilitates the process of clarifying and crystallizing essential soul purpose vision and energizing the personal frequency line to assist her clients in stepping forth into their greatest level of service to the global family as it moves through its evolutionary process.

An Initiated Inka Tradition Shamaness, Crystal Singing Bowl & Voice Sound Therapist, Psychic Midwife & Spiritual Counselor, she is a member of the Sound Healers Association, a certified Healing the Light Body Practitioner, Crystalline Ascension Master Healer & Teacher and a Master Celestial Channel & Diviner of Destiny. She provides energetic healing services both distant and local, performs healing angelic readings & channelings and teaches a wide array of classes and workshops live and virtually.

In her work with sound and vibration she often performs Crystal Singing Bowl Healing concerts at a variety of expos and other locations creating a sound chamber with her voice within which both individual and group healing experiences occur.

Her written work has been published in a wide variety of magazines and journals including the Kaleidoscope, Aspire Magazine, Applaud Magazine, and the NH Mirror. She wrote for and was included in Sacred Fire anthology published in 2006 by Adams Media and edited by Maril Crabtree. Under the imprint of Wyldfyre Communications Press she has self-published and printed two books. Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels conveys an absolutely imperative message for us all at this time of global transformation & Ascension. Her newest release “Magical Questions – A Spiral Journey for Spiritual Awakening” is a simple and easy to access message for those who are newly awakening to their Spiritual Path.

As an artist she has explored jewelry design, silk painting, watercolor and acrylic painting focusing on catalyzing healing through all of her creations using color, crystals and intent to infuse her work with the vibration of transformation and growth.

She has been a frequent guest on MCAM TV23's Norm's Psychic World, and on News For the Soul Radio hosted by Nicole Whitney. She has also been a guest on Dreamvisions7 Radio on the Love by Intuition Show, XZone Radio, Co-Creator Radio Network, Passionately Positive Radio, Earthlight Worker Mission Radio, WXKL 1450 AM, & FRANK FM 106.3 Radio. She produced one radio show of her own – Blazing Forth The Light on WBNW 1120 AM Boston & is in the development process around creating a regular show. She also appeared on TV 13's 142 Main with Carolyn Chaote who characterized her as an art's activist for her work in developing and producing ArtWalk Nashua in collaboration with local artists and Great American Downtown.

Ms. Wyldfyre was the visionary creatrix, organizer and producer of FIREfest - A Celebration of the Visual, Performing, Culinary and Healing Arts in the heart of her home city in 2006 & 2007. This signature event was instrumental in raising awareness of the arts in the city and of Nashua, NH as an emerging destination location for artistic and cultural events. www.theempoweredmessenger.com

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Having it all is not about striving for perfection, or about living our lives according to someone else’s standards or expectations (we’ve done that for far too long).

It’s not about working ourselves to a state of exhaustion, spreading ourselves too thin, or trading inner peace and contentment for outer trinkets of success.

Been there. Done that too.

Having it all simply means having access to all of yourself, in any moment you choose it, and in every aspect of life that is important to you.

Learn exactly how you can “Have it All Too”

Right at this moment, no matter how you are feeling, no matter how in debt you might be, no matter how old you are or how much you weigh, and no matter what the condition of your relationships might be, you have the power to re-create yourself and your life exactly the way you desire it to be – and quite frankly, the way you deserve it to be.

Regardless of how big a gap exists between what you want and what you currently have, within you is the ability to effortlessly and joyfully bridge that gap in virtually every aspect of your life.

You can have it all, how you define it, how you want it. You do have the power to create it.

I Want To Have It All Too!